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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

So, maybe now we are about to find out what the FEMA coffins were all about

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I do not do what I do here to scare people, and I try to be really careful about speculating.  But there are a couple of things that keep coming up today.  Of course the situation with Ebola makes no sense.  There seems to be a deliberate effort to keep the situation as confusing as possible.  Conflicting statements by various “experts”, etc.  But whether the Ebola threat is as contagious and potentially deadly as the reports out of West Africa indicate, we are going to have a crisis on our hands either way.

So does this put a different and more urgent light upon the FEMA coffins, and the innumerable rounds of ammunition, the steady “militarization” of police, and detention centers?  Will Ebola be the specific crisis?  I mean, consider the timing.  Midterm elections are a month away.  I am pretty positive that the outcome of that election, if it even goes forward, will be a sham, irrelevant, and is probably not going to even slow down the planned events that are in store.

I’ve said before that Alex Jones is “allowed” to reveal only what those who control all the rest of the media, allow him to reveal.  Ultimately I believe God Himself is overseeing what information we are allowed to know, as I believe He is sovereign.  So having said that, my purpose in linking a Prison Planet article, isn’t exactly the same as that of many people who might re-post something of his.  It is undeniable he tends to know about things slightly ahead of other people.  And his information is pretty accurate for the most part, speculation aside.

That is only one of the Prison Planet headlines.  Here is another one, and I watched this video on Fox News yesterday.  It is pretty disturbing, as the video recorded by a child in the back seat, shows that the passenger and driver in this car were completely cooperative with reasonable requests, but the situation began to escalate when the passenger was asked for his drivers license, which he didn’t have with him. 
 As a person who started a Neighborhood Watch in my area, I found it pretty much “universal” that people don’t trust the police.
At first I thought it might be due to their own violations of the law, but then my neighbors, an older couple, he nearing retirement, she still babysitting several small kids in her home, told me about a police raid on their home, spurred by a “tip” in which, as it turns out, the “informant” got the address wrong.  What is even more disturbing is that no lawyer in the area would take the case!  Corruption seems to have permeated every level, in the police departments in some areas, and I dare say “some level, in all police departments”.  When the video ended, and more “suggested videos” popped up, I found this documentary by a former policeman, on the Robert Leone case involving the Pennsylvania State Troopers, particularly scary!  As we know, it is extremely rare for officers to ever be held accountable in any way for their crimes.  This is the kind of officers who will take sick enjoyment in helping enforce a police state.

I don’t speculate much anymore, because nothing much makes sense as to what, of all the possible scenarios, actually ends up coming to fruition.  The potential for “chaos” is so high, and in so many various threats, that the most likely outcome in my opinion, will be that several of these crises will come to a head at once.  I think that the fact the election is next month, makes it highly likely that the Obama administration still has its most egregious crimes against America ahead of it.  I don’t entertain any residual delusion that a shift in power in Congress will make a difference.  In fact, as one post pointed out, a deadlock could render Joe Biden the deciding vote.  He is Rain Man, for pity’s sake.

Even though I use terms like “scary” and disturbing”, I am not wringing my hands about any of this.  I know it is not popular these days, but I believe that the Christian is not appointed to wrath.  Wrath is reserved for those who have rejected the gift of redemption purchased by the blood of Christ on the cross in their behalf. The wages of sin is death.  There is no remission of sins without the shedding of blood.  Hell is a real place, created for the Devil and his fallen angels, but it is the default destination for many people, because there is a virus worse than Ebola, and it is the sinful state of fallen man.  We do not measure up to God’s righteousness.  That is why Jesus had to die.  An infinite guilt, can only be assuaged by the sacrifice of someone infinitely innocent and holy.

My hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.  What can wash away my sins?  Nothing but the blood of Jesus.  That’s an “old-timey” hymn, with phrases that aren’t popular anymore in church.  Nor is the topic of hell, or sin.  What the world needs now is not “love”, but truth.  We don’t need more tolerance, we need less, a whole LOT less.  God won’t be tolerant on judgment day.  It is appointed unto man, once to die, and then judgment.  100 percent of humans who were ever born, went on to die, or will do so.  And a hundred percent of those will then stand before God to be judged. 

What will you have to say for yourself?  Your money won’t buy you a lawyer, there will be no advocate at all.  The only Advocate who is worthy to stand before God, is Jesus.  And if you don’t know Him in life, He won’t know you in death.  Jesus’ death, his burial, his resurrection, and his ascension to Heaven where He now sits at the right hand of God the Father, that is the gospel.  You don’t need me to tell you that you are a sinner.  You already know it, what you need is to admit it.  Repent.  The end is much nearer than you think.

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