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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The president is not involved in helping defeat Netanyahu, of course not. It would be a breach of protocol!

Caroline Glick
Reposted from Facebook
 23 hrs · Edited ·
Obama won't meet Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו in Washington when he addresses the Joint Houses of Congress in March because of Netanyahu's visit's proximity to the Israeli elections. And Obama, of course believes in protocol and propriety which is why he won't get involved.
No, he's not getting involved at all. He's just sending his 2012 field campaign manager to Israel to run a campaign to defeat Netanyahu. That's all. No interference whatsoever.
By the way, the link below is to a report of the article in Haaretz that I linked to in the previous post in Hebrew. For whatever reason, Haaretz chose not to translate this article in its English edition.

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