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Thursday, April 2, 2015

The package -- An essay on waiting with patience, endurance and trust in the Lord´s promises

Written and posted by Jean-Louis. April 2, 2015.
  • More on the topic with a commentary from Warren Wiersbe HERE
Dear readers, 
I would like to share an interesting and encouraging  experience with you.
This might not seem like a big deal, a great revelation from the Lord, there was no vision, no dream, but the soft voice of the Holy Spirit teaching one that needed encouragement as David in Psalm 25 who wrote:
Make me know Your ways, O Lord;
Teach me Your paths.Lead me in Your truth and teach me,
For You are the God of my salvation;
For You I wait all the day. 

Further on:
 Who is the man who fears the Lord?
He will instruct him in the way he should choose.
13 His soul will abide in [e]prosperity,

Here goes the story: About a month ago, I ordered a Hebrew course book from the Zola Levitt ministries. I knew it would take about 2 to 3 weeks to arrive because the mail delivery here has been slow lately. Since they didn´t send me a tracking number, all I could do was wait.

2 days ago, about 3:30 PM, I had to go downtown to the bank. As I was approaching the neighborhood  super market where we usually shop, I saw a big yellow van parked on the side and a mailman coming out of the SM (they were yellow T.shirts). I tapped on the window and introduced myself as a foreigner inquiring about package delivery procedures in Brazil. I wanted to know if they leave a notice as they do in the US. 

I told him I was living close by and if he had anything for me I would be home around 5:00 PM everyday. I gave him my street address and he said; Humm,  Remulo Zoppi .... yes, I have your package in the back. So I exclaimed, Hallelujah, the Lord my God is good and faithful. He replied: What do you mean he is MY God too. So we laughed and praised the Lord together.  

He said that he would be at my house around 5:00 PM the very afternoon. I had one of my English students until 5:30 PM, so I waited for the mailman but he never came. I told my wife the story and thought he probably would come the following day. 

Yesterday while I was taking a nap, I heard the door bell ring. I knew it was the package delivery. He explained that he had been swamped with delivery and still had not finished his route for the day.
What caught my attention in this series of propitious, providential God directed events is that the man didn´t come at the time he said he would, but still I had his word and I could wait confidently that he would come the next day. He must have had a good reason for the delay. 

Also meeting him in the way the encounter happened was a confirmation to me but the delay was to get my attention to the need the believer had of waiting on the Lord for his will and purposes to be accomplish. I am amazed at the way the Holy Spirit works in teaching us the important lessons at different levels.

And of course, he was at my door the next day at 6:00 PM the very next day. Sometimes, the Lord gives us a test to show to ourselves where we are on the faith, endurance, patience and if our behavior and inner attitude match our words of promise to him.

A few days before, I was telling the Lord that I had not had a word from him and that I was missing that part of our relationship. But I had not  asked either and my heart had been kind of cold lately and I felt tired, depressed and isolated. My Bible reading  had been less than regular and my  prayer life also and less than fervent.. He had to remind me that we don´t have because we don´t ask. Back to "Relationship 101"

This morning, April 2nd, while I was drinking my coffee, I had part a of this verse running through my head (it is not uncommon for me to wake up with a verse or a hymn in my head), "though the vision tarries, wait for it" . I looked it up and found it in Habakkuk 2:3:
"For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay."

Well, we have to put this into context. Although the vision and the prophecy in Habakkuk relate to a coming invasion, what was presented to me was relevant and pertinent because of the personal reminders of eternal truths in the broader context of our present situation world wide. Without a doubt, we are living in the context of the last days and waiting for deliverance from a relentless enemy just as Habakkuk was and without God´s help, we will not survive the global overwhelming convulsions awaiting us   This is what Matthew Henry and Spurgeon´s  Commentaries say:

Commentary on Habakkuk 2:1-4

When tossed and perplexed with doubts about the methods of Providence, we must watch against temptations to be impatient.

When we have poured out complaints and requests before God, we must observe the answers God gives by his word, his Spirit, and providences; what the Lord will say to our case. 

God will not disappoint the believing expectations of those who wait to hear what he will say unto them. All are concerned in the truths of God's word. Though the promised favour be deferred long, it will come at last, and abundantly recompense us for waiting. 

The humble, broken-hearted, repenting sinner, alone seeks to obtain an interest in this salvation. He will rest his soul on the promise, and on Christ, in and through whom it is given.

Thus he walks and works, as well as lives by faith, perseveres to the end, and is exalted to glory; while those who distrust or despise God's all-sufficiency will not walk uprightly with him. 

The just shall live by faith in these precious promises, while the performance of them is deferred. Only those made just by faith, shall live, shall be happy here and for ever.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Spurgeon´s Sermon Notes:

Habakkuk 2:1-4 Watching, Waiting, Writing
I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved. (2) And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon the tables, that he may run that read-eth it. (3) For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. (4) Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith. — Habakkuk 2:1-4

THE promise of God tarried, and the ungodly triumphed.
Here was the old problem of David in another form.
"Wherefore lookest thou upon them that deal treacherously?" (Hab. 1:13) is but a repetition of "I was envious at the foolish, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked" (Ps. 73:3).
This same problem occurs to ourselves, and this text may help us. Observe with understanding—


It is not every apparent delay which is real. Our time and God's time are not measured upon the same dial.

1. Each promise will bide its due season for fulfillment: "For the vision is yet for an appointed time."

2. Each promise in the end will prove true: "At the end it shall speak, and not lie."
3. Each promise will repay our waiting: "Though it tarry, wait for it."
4. Each promise will really be punctual to its hour: "It will surely come, it will not tarry)"

The word of the Lord is as true to the time as to the thing.
To him its time of ripening is short: only to us is it long.


We should watch for the appearing of the Lord in fulfillment of his promise, and should be prepared to receive reproof as well as blessing.

The prophet took up—

1. A determined and thoughtful attitude: "I will stand, and set me."

2. An attentive attitude: "and will watch to see what he will say unto me." He is engrossed in this one pursuit: he only desires to be taught of the Lord.
3. A patient attitude: "I will set me upon the tower." It is as if he had been set as a sentinel, and would remain at his post.
4. A solitary position if need be. He speaks of himself alone.
5. A humble and submissive frame of mind: "what I shall answer when I am reproved."

In all respects the man of God is ready for his Lord.
The delay is evidently a blessing to him.
The blessing will be the greater when it comes.


1. By faith set the vision. Realize the fulfillment of the divine word in your own soul. "Watch to see what he will say."

2. Declare it as certain: record it in black and white, as a fact not to be questioned. "Write the vision upon tables."
3. Declare it plainly, so that the runner may read it.
4. Declare it practically, so that he that readeth may run in consequence of it.
5. Declare it permanently: write down the matter for a record to be referred to: engrave it on tablets for perpetuity.

Sham faith prudently declines to mention her expectations.

It is deemed presumptuous, fanatical, and imprudent to be positive that God will keep his promise; and still more to say so.

The real believer thinks not so, but acts with the Lord's promises as he would deal with engagements made in business by honest men: he treats them as real, and would have others do the like.


l. The graceless man is too proud to wait on God as the Lord's servant will do. "His soul is not upright in him."

He is himself dishonest, and so suspects his God.

This prevents his finding comfort in the promise.
2. The just man believes the word of a holy God.

He waits serenely, in full assurance; and

He lives in the highest sense by his faith.
"My soul, wait thou only upon God" (Ps. 62:5).

What can he do who has no faith in his Maker? (Heb. 11:6)

From Our Tablets
It was a custom among the Romans for the public affairs of every year to be committed to writing by the pontifex maximus, or high priest, and published on a table. They were thus exposed to public view, so that the people might have an opportunity of being acquainted with them. It was also usual to hang up laws approved and recorded on tables of brass in their market-places, and in their temples, that they might be seen and read (Tacitus). 

In like manner, the Jewish prophets used to write, and expose their prophecies publicly on tables, either in their own houses, or in the temple, that every one that passed by might go in and read them. — Burder

And though it linger till the night,
And round again till morn,
My heart shall ne'er mistrust thy might,
Nor count itself forlorn.
Do thus, O ye of Israel's seed.
' Ye of the Spirit born indeed;
Wait for your God's appearing!— Martin Luther

Good old Spurstow says that some of the promises a like the almond tree — they blossom hastily in the very earliest spring; but," saith he, "there are others which resemble the mulberry tree — they are very slow in putting forth their leaves:' Then what is a man to do, if he has a mulberry-tree promise, which is late in blossoming? Why, he is to wait till it does blossom; since it is not in his power to hasten it. If the vision tarry, exercise the precious grace called patience, and the appointed time shall surely bring you a rich reward. — C. H. S.

God's promises are dated, but with a mysterious character; and, for want of skill in God's chronology, we are prone to think God forgets us; when, indeed, we forget ourselves in being so bold as to set God a time of our own, and in being angry that he comes not just then to us. — Gurnall

If we were more humble, we should be more patient. A beggar, who is worn with hunger, will wait at the rich man's gate for many an hour with the hope of getting broken victuals; but my lord, who is in no need, will soon be gone if the door does not open to his knock. We have kept the Lord waiting long enough, and we need not wonder if he tries our faith and patience by apparent delays. In any case, let us settle this in our hearts, that he must and will fulfill his promises. 

Our text shows us a punctual God, a patient waiter, and a published confidence; but it finishes up with a proud unbeliever. Or, if you will, it is man uttering a brave resolve, and the Lord answering to his faith; reasons presented to patient faith, and rebukes to impatient pride.
Resuming the study: 
I will study Habakkuk in he coming day as I know this is so pertinent to our situation anywhere in the world. 
But right now, it is clear to me; The Lord has already spoken in his Word and what he wants from us is patience, faith, faithfulness, endurance, standing firm in the grace we have received.

The visions of the end times has already been given to the great prophets of the OT. and the great revelations of things to come in the near future to Paul and John in the Epistles and Revelation.

We need to:
  •   Understand what has been given for our instruction and heed the words of warning.
  •  Share with others what insight the Lord in his grace gives us.
  •   Ask for more Holy Spirit ability to discern the times as it concerns our Christian  brothers and sisters,
  •  Fight against the lies and wiles of the devil. 
  •  Keep from being distracted by the world and lured by its empty, noxious appeals to our own lusts. 
  •  Submit to the Lord and resist the devil fully clothed by the Light of Jesus. 
  •  Share the truth  with others, anyone that the Lord will show us whose heart he has prepared.
  •  Walk in the light, in the truth of the revealed word,        
  •  Trust that he will keep this promises,
              o   waiting patiently though it hurts as faithful    servants obedient to their good master and friend,
              o   displaying meekness and humility and lifting the cross of Jesus,
              o   keeping our eyes upon the resurrected Savior, our hope and Salvation.

I heard and my [m]inward parts trembled, At the sound my lips quivered. Decay enters my bones, And in my place I tremble. Because I must wait quietly for the day of distress, [n]For the people to arise who will invade us. 17 Though the fig tree should not blossom And there be no [o]fruit on the vines, Though the yield of the olive should fail And the fields produce no food, Though the flock should be cut off from the fold And there be no cattle in the stalls, 18 Yet I will exult in the Lord, I will rejoice in the God of my salvation. 19 The Lord [p]God is my strength, And He has made my feet like hinds’ feet, And makes me walk on my high places. Habakkuk 3: 16-19. 

I hope that you have been blessed and encouraged by the words above.
May the Lord bless you and keep you as you stand firm in his grace and in the power of his might

Here is a little didactic story I wrote on patience we need in these last days while waiting for the Lord´s wedding banquet soon to come. Jean-Louis. 



  1. Don't know if I ever told you the story of the homeless lady who spoke directly from that very passage of Habakkuk to me at a similar time in my life, but isn't it interesting that my encounter at that time was when I was suffering from depression so badly and in all that the Lord was doing surrounding that time in my life, He healed me from it in that period. I get down once in a while but have never had that horrible, heavy, depression again that I lived with so long, and so I can tell you that your message today very much blesses me! I had a few weeks as winter was hanging on here, that I had started also to spiral down and I was very concerned, because as I said, it had been over five years, and it was almost a temptation to doubt the healing, but then I said, "I am NOT going back to Egypt!" And I am here to say a hearty AMEN to what Spurgeon said and what you are saying here, that God just waits for us to make up our minds whether we are going to believe Him or not, and in fact, the longer we live, and the more often we circle back to doubt.

    I have so often doubted Him, and gotten discouraged, and when I get to the point of not being in the Word or praying like I ought to, I even know how that will result in being weakened, but He is so merciful, for so long, and being honest, there were times those many years ago before He brought me out of the depression, that I prayed night after night for Him to take me home, and for Him to send this person to quote that scripture (along with parts of Job where God finally does answer Job, "where were you when I laid the foundations of the Earth, Can you bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion? Set boundaries of the sea, etc) and the point was, I was asking God why, and when, and so there was an element of personal rebuke to it, as well as the gracious assurance. The experience was such an intense nearness of the Holy Spirit that I actually cried for mercy that the intensity of it was nearly overwhelming to me, but it was so personal and so specific to what I was going through in my spirit, that I can never question it. He cares so much that He answered me so directly and it reminded me of all of the times God has been so direct and specific in His provision in my lifetime. The reminder of the coming day when He will catch away the Bride, that was the vision that I longed for, and that passage was the same for me in that time as it has been for you in this one. So, yeah, this reader is very very blessed to read this story today. For many reasons. One of which is that we have had to look at Assisted Living facilities for my husband's father just today. Amazingly we were just blown away by how God so clearly began laying the groundwork to provide the means for my father in law to have this care, and also his service at the very end of the Korean War qualifies him for additional help. And even the choice of the house that he and my mother-in-law live in right now, and have lived in for nearly 20 years, as the facility is literally two minutes away. Which means my Mother-in-law can still spend a lot of time with him, and be there quickly if she ever needs to. She is starting to decline in her health and can't do it with just the help of caregivers coming in. She has been praying about it and the Lord had really been preparing her for about a year, and she had asked the Lord to let her know when it was time for this move. There were two facilities we spent time at today, and the one nearest, that is unbelievably beautiful and cozy and pleasant, and all the people working there just genuine, and the residents all so happy, it just took a lot of the dread out of the ordeal for my husband and his Mom. God is just so faithful. And He knows we get so weary sometimes we just lose our perspective. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hi Sandee, I am so glad I shared this. Yes I remember you telling me about that lady. There are no coincidences in the Kingdom and how reassuring are the times when the Lord makes personal visits to us whose sight is dim and yet so real in the spiritual world. the more we trust the Lord, the more our spiritual eyes are open to the invisible world and the clearer the understanding that comes from our interchanges with our Heavenly Father. The provision for your in laws has been really providential and all we can say is thank you Lord in wonderment at all he accomplishes to bless his children. Thanks for your visit and your feedback. Feel free to pass it on. And the confirmation that our work of sowing the blessings however simple and humble is not in vain and will bear fruit in the lives of others.