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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A testimony of God’s Tenderness

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A reader invited me to share this testimony after reading the post on the topic of the bruised reed and the smoking flax last week.
By Anonymous:

New American Standard Bible

This scripture is very dear to me.

It reminds me of an experience that happened some years ago around 1995. A neighbor used to come to my house about once a week to ask for prayer and encouragement.

She had a very traumatic childhood, drepeatedly by a step father, didn´t know how to read, had gained a lot of weight, didn´t do well at school, didn´t know how to read or write (she was in her mid-twenties) when I knew her.

She was a poor afflicted soul, who was on medication for a number of ailments and chronic depression. But she was sweet tender soul who loved the Lord and grateful in spite of all her life of suffering. She was also married to a wonderful, good husband who loved the Lord and loved her and took good care of her and their children.

One morning she came to talk to us as was her custom. After a chat, I wanted to pray.

You know by now that I am not a prophet, nor claim to be. At some rare times during my life the Lord in his mercy has seen it fit to show me some things, mostly for the benefit of others, insights for understanding and direction and at times to simply help or warn me or others of a dangerous, even life threatening situation.

So as I was praying and asking the Lord to show me in his Word how to minister and comfort her, suddenly I saw in my mind´s eye a candle barely burning about to be snuffed out by the movement of the air around it. I felt bad, but waited in silence to see what would happen next. Then, a hand came into view in front of the candle with a glass chimney for an old fashioned kerosene lamp and protected the weak flame from being extinguished.

Then I knew what to pray. Of course this verse came back to me and I described the scene to her explaining that the Lord was going to keep her from getting worse, that he loved her and protected her and gave her the verse. After the prayer, her whole countenance had changed, her smile came back and her face was glowing.

This picture is very similar to the holder that I gave my friend.

Candle and globe

I got up and found in the kitchen closet a small wooden frame with a mirror and a holder for a candle and of course a chimney just as I had seen.

To help her remember this divine encounter, I gave her the candle holder and the verse on a piece of paper with the date, which she put on the wall of her living room as a reminder of God´s faithfulness and blessing.

Then, as a practical illustration and memory exercise, we reenacted the scene. She lit the candle and blew on it up to the point of almost extinguishing it and then she was so happy to place the protective chimney to illustrate the verse. What a lesson it was for all of us! Those are the altars that the patriarchs of old erected in the desert as a remembrance of the goodness and the mercy of God.

Something wonderful happened to her. From that day on, she got much better, happier, her condition improved in all areas of her life. She became more confident, registered with a free reading program with a one on one tutor. Her goal was to be able to read the Bible.

One day, two years later, she announced that she had gotten her diploma and was proud to be able to show me that she could finally read the Word. What a joy and burst of thanksgiving that was as we praised the Lord loudly with tears of joy!

God is faithful and will do what he has declared and his Word will not return void but accomplish what he has sent it to do. Amen!

The Lord never ceases to amaze me how he knows exactly what we need at the precise moment we need it.
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